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Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
Jun 22, 2018
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Autocompletion enhancements

The plugin reads the local project and tries to parse out usage of well-known APIs and provides you with autocompletion on points it knows for example possible parameter names.

  • Autocompletion for calls to IconFactory::getIcon with available Icons and preview
  • Line marker for Icon-Api usages with jump-to-definition and preview
  • TypeProvider for `$GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB']`, `$GLOBALS['TSFE']` and `$GLOBALS['BE_USER']`
  • Line marker for extbase entities

Service Locator & Extbase Dependency Injection Container

The plugin provides you with greater code stability, since the return types of instance creations are inferred, giving you stable auto-completion and insight into the written code.

  • infer return type of GeneralUtility::makeInstance() calls without meta file
  • infer return type of GeneralUtility::makeInstanceService() calls without meta file
  • infer return type of ObjectManager::get() calls without meta file

The plugin parses the available route names in the core and extensions. More precisely it parses the `Configuration/Backend/(Ajax)Routes.php` files.

  • completion for backend route names on BackendUtility::getAjaxUrl()
  • completion for backend route names on UriBuilder::buildUriFromRoute()
  • annotations for both valid and invalid route references
  • line marker to allow quick navigation to the route definition

  • completion for built-in TCA render types
  • completion for built-in TCA column types

Code inspections
  • Extbase property injection (@inject) performance inspection
  • TCA renderTypes (+ inspections)
  • TCA column types (+ inspections)

Code generation
  • Extbase ActionController
  • Extbase ActionController action
  • Extbase Entity class
  • Fluid ViewHelper
  • Fluid Styled Content Element (experimental)


Thank you to Daniel Espendiller and Adrien Brault for providing their Symfony2 Plugin in the first place. It is a great inspiration for possible solutions and parts of the code.


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Recent change notes

  • Fix error with incomplete methods in TypeProvider