Show REST Services

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jan 25, 2018
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Show REST Services will create a Tool Window containing all the REST services in your project grouped by module and HTTP method.

How does it work?
1. Install the plugin and restart.
2. Go to "Tools > Show REST Services".
3. A Tool Window named "REST Services" will show up on your right.
4. Navigate through the tree, click on any REST Service and you will go directly to that service code in your Editor.
5. Right-click on any service and copy the full url or copy a cURL command.
6. Use the search box to filter the services.

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Recent change notes

- Adding support for constants inside method annotations
- Bug fixing

- Added support for @RestController annotation
- Support for Spring Framework 4.3 annotations: @GetMapping, @PostMapping, @PutMapping, @DeleteMapping, @PatchMapping
- Support for path and value.

- Added search box

- Added number of services at the bottom
- Bug fixed for multiple IDE instances
- Added Copy REST Url option
- Added cURL option

- Reads all classes in your project looking for REST services.