AEM IDE Tooling 4 IntelliJ

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
This ItelliJ IDEA Plugin allows you to manage a project deployed to Adobe Experience Manager or Apache Sling directly from IntellliJ IDEA. It supports the deployment of OSGi Bundles and JCR content nodes, importing content from the Adobe Experience Manager / Apache Sling, creation of content nodes and OSGi services through AEMDC (AEM Developer Companion) to one or more Adobe Experience Manager or Apache Sling instances. In addition a project can be created based on Maven Archetypes. Changes in content nodes can be pushed to the server automatically and changes to OSGi services can be hot swapped in Adobe Experience Manager / Apache Sling without restarting the server.

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Recent change notes

  • 1.0:
    1. Cleaning up Code
    2. Improving Documentation
    3. Issue 28: AEMDC Dialog Enhancements
    4. Issue 30: Fix issues related to Symbolic Names
    5. Fixed issues with relative and Windows OS paths
    6. Added feedback to the Password field inside the Server Connection Configuration
    7. Rearranged the AEMDC Dialog and improve user interaction
    8. Added Tooltips to AEMDC Dialog
    9. Increased the IntelliJ Version the plugin can run on to 2016.2 or higher
    10. Fixed issues with exception handling and reporting
  • 0.7.3:
    1. Working on integrating and testing latest Sling Tooling IDE code from Trunk
    2. Fixed an issue with Import From Server (Context Menu) failing
    3. Fixed an issue with finding a folder in Windows
    4. Fixed an issue with creating folders locally during import from server
    5. Added the AEM Developer Companion to the Plugin
    6. Added a Info page to the plugin
    7. Fixed an issue with the modification timestamp
  • 0.7.2:
    1. Fixed the issued with the deadlock (everlasting indexing) by making sure that the Project
    2. Verification during the Project Load's Start Connection is done asynchronously.
    3. <
  • 0.7.1:
    1. Fixed an issue where the Plugin tried to connect to the repository during incremental deployment even when the connection was stopped
    2. Fixed an issue when the Plugin tried to compile even though there was not configuration (non AEM / Sling project)
    3. Added the 'Filter is generated' flag to the Sling Module Facet. With that it is possible to verify a project without having a filter.xml file. It is important though that the filter.xml file is available in the designated META-INF/vault folder at the time of the deployment.
  • 0.7.0:
    1. The Support Bundle Install button on the Server Configuration is now performing the installation.
    2. The Force Deploy action is doing a Purge Cache before it deploys. This way the Force Deploy is the same as Purge Cache and Deploy action.
    3. Made General Plugin Configuration persistent.
    4. Added a check to the Run Connection so that if the user changes the Server Configuration the cache will be automatically purged so that the next deployed will push all of it.
    5. The Debug Connection is now also doing a Verification and Server Configuration change check like the Run Connection.
    6. The Jar File validator on the Facet is now working properly.
    7. Exported the Background task execution into its own utility method.
    8. Added a Dialog to the Possible Symbolic Name Mismatch so that further warnings can be ignored.
    9. When a new module is created the module is automatically verified. This will also create the list of modules and updates the tree.
    10. Fixed a NPE when the Plugin Preferences Configuration is not created

General usage instructions

This is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA (version 2016.2 or higher) that enables the user to develop, deploy and debug applications on a remote Sling or AEM Server. It is modeled after the Adobe AEM Eclipse plugin but works slightly differently due to the different philosophy behind IntelliJ IDEA. In order for the plugin to connect with the remote AEM or Sling server the user must create a Server Connection configuration first. Afterwards the user can either connect in Run or Debug Mode if the server is started appropriately. The plugin will take care of the deployment to the remove server for both JCR Content and OSGi bundles. In debug mode the user can set breakpoints to investigate the code on the remote server. In addition the user can change code on the fly (Hot Swap) for Java code. The plugin also provides to create new Projects based on Sling / AEM Maven Archetypes and a Sling Facet to overwrite specific properties of the modules.