Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Dec 10, 2018
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This plugin extends IntelliJ platform with Go-specific coding assistance and tool integrations, and has everything you could find in GoLand.

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Recent change notes

GoLand 2018.3.1 is released!

This update delivers bug-fixes in different areas. We recommend that you upgrade and get your IDE working even smoother.

GO-6387 — GoLand will suggest enabling Go modules or dep integration if you create integration files in the project manually.

GO-6499 — Code completion doesn't freeze in composite literals anymore.

GO-6253 — GoLand 2018.3.1 is better at detecting syntax errors in condition statements.

GO-6512 — The Change Signature refactoring saves variadic arguments after its applying.

GO-6497 — We’ve upgraded Delve to v1.1.6.

GO-6452 — Better resolve for expressions while using the Add format string argument intention action.

GO-6478 — Types in struct initializers are inferred correctly.

GO-6322 — The IDE doesn’t disable essential plugins even if they are listed in disabled_plugins.txt.

GO-6489 — When using manual SOCKS configuration settings in Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | HTTP Proxy, the IDE specifies the proper http_proxy variable when the proxy is socks5.

For more details and the full list of changes, please see the release notes.