Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Gogland
Nov 18, 2017
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This plugin extends IntelliJ platform with Go-specific coding assistance and tool integrations, and has everything you could find in GoLand.

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Recent change notes

GoLand EAP 19 is out now! Here’s a list of what’s inside:

  • The documentation for function arguments can now be
    shown in Param Info. To enable it, check Settings | Go |
    Show documentation in parameter info.
  • The Call Hierarchy tool window now has a button that
    can activate a mode where it will additionally show the
    calls on interfaces.
  • Now if you use Run with Coverage on a folder that has
    several packages, the IDE properly collects and displays
    the coverage data for all the packages (requires the Go
    built from sources).
  • The context menu of the Project tool window now provides
    an action to remove the directory from the current project.
  • Now, when you’re running tests that have build tags not
    listed in Settings | Go | Vendoring & Build Tags, the
    IDE automatically includes them in the command line.
  • The Run Configuration dialog now has an option to include
    the tags specified in Settings | Go | Vendoring & Build Tags
    into the command line.

For more details, read the blog post.