Completable Reactor

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Oct 09, 2018
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CompletableReactor framework makes it easier to create business flows that have concurrently running parts and complex execution branching.
CompletableReactor provides DSL-like Builder-style API to describe business flows.
Framework built on top of Fork Join Pool and CompletableFuture API.

Completable Reactor plugin provide graph visualization and source code navigation within IDE.

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Recent change notes

1.4.4 Add onElse transition
1.4.1 Support method templates
1.3.1 Remove support for old graph format
1.2.6 Support multiline title. Fix bug with displaying multiple endpoints for single vertex.
1.2.1 Add emptyMerger, routingMerger and mutator. Short coordinates declaration.
1.1.7 Fix Kotlin constructor parsing.
1.1.5 Support Kotlin graph.
1.1.3 Support sync handler.
1.1.0 New graph configuration format. Visualize graph directly from java source.
1.0.21 New graph items API: remove explicit id.
1.0.20 Fix graph zoom in IDE on MacOS. Remove Merge Groups.
1.0.18 Navigate to subgraph by clicking on subgraph node.
1.0.13 Fix update end point coordinates for detached merge points.
1.0.11 Remove MergeGroups from API. Implicit merge groups support.
1.0.10 Update completable reactor API. Fix coordinates update in java code.
1.0.6 Support merge point labels.
1.0.2 Support detached merge points.
1.0.1 Navigation to code from context menu and by double click.
1.0.0 Basic functionality of graph visualization and navigation.