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Jul 14, 2018
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This is a completely rewritten version of the original Key Promoter

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Shows the user the keyboard short-cuts when a button is pressed with the mouse. This provides an easy way to learn how to replace tedious mouse work with keyboard keys and helps to transition to a faster, mouse free development. Currently, it supports toolbar buttons, menu buttons, and tool windows and the actions therein.

The plugin was initially implemented by Dmitry Kashin and further improved by athiele. The version here is removes the custom pop-up window with IntelliJ internal message balloons. It, therefore, integrates much better into the IDE, fixes glitches and provides a more non-disruptive way of learning shortcut bindings.

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Recent change notes

  • Implemented feature-request: Minimum count before notification
  • Fixed empty tool-window with several windows open
  • Fixed version range to make it work for EAP
  • Fixed null-action tip on tool-window title buttons
  • Fixed exception with wrong entries in the statistic
  • Should work on Android Studio now
  • Fixed re-appearing tips when custom shortcuts are used
  • Made tips for context menus more consistent
  • Fixed issue that would show suppressed shortcuts
  • Implemented "do not show again"
  • Tool-window updates automatically
  • Icons for the Key Promoter X
  • Tool-window shows now icons of the actions that were called
  • Better visualization of the statistics tool-window
  • Fixed bug to catch tool-window buttons successfully
  • Re-implemented the algorithm that catches button clicks and extracts their information
  • Change to internal notification system instead of an custom AWT window
  • Built for IntelliJ 2017.1.4