Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA MPS Android Studio
Aug 16, 2017
This is the enterprise version of Codota. Only install this version if you have a Codota Enterprise account.

Search millions of code snippets
Coding collaboration platforms such as GitHub, Google Code, and StackOverflow are treasure troves of programming knowledge. Codota helps you find the best code examples from *any* source that may have them.


The Codota intellij plugin also integrates with your CodeBox. Install the Codota Chrome Extension to save snippets from your browser into your CodeBox and use them in the IDE.

Use Codota to find the best code examples for every class or method in the code. Tap into the collective knowledge of the community!

To use the Codota plugin, just select a class/method name in your code and hit alt+k (or ⌘k). You can also hit alt+k (or ⌘k) without any text selected and use the popup search box to enter your search query.

To index and search your own code, visit Index your repo and use alt+l (or ⌘l), or ctrl+shift+k (or ⌘+shift+k).

Recent change notes

  • 0.1 initial release - private beta