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Emma Code Coverage

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EMMA is an open-source toolkit for measuring and reporting Java code coverage. EMMA distinguishes itself from other tools by going after a unique feature combination: support for large-scale enterprise software development while keeping individual developer's work fast and iterative at the same time.

Every developer on your team can now get code coverage for free and they can get it fast! EMMA is so lightweight developers can use it during the process of writing tests instead of waiting for a "test build". This gets code coverage where it belongs: helping with design and implementation before the code is checked in.

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Recent change notes

24 Oct 2004: Initial release. Feedback can be sent to
17 Feb 2005: NOTE from JetBrains, Inc.: The author of the plugin IS NOT a member of "Emma Code Coverage Project " team, so please hold on from sending any feedback to the project developers.


2012-02-07 15:02:10
Please disable the Download button and mention clearly that this plugin is not for latest IntelliJ versions.

There is no need for that download link.
2011-04-11 11:46:29
It should have been removed 6 years ago. Quite a shame.
2010-07-02 14:27:33
Please remove this plugin from the repository. It has nothing to do with emma.

If possible please also ban the author. He has uploaded a plugin in which he seems to be testing how to populate a JTree component (with child nodes "sports", "colors" and "foods".)