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Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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SpringFramework plugin for Idea (5.0.2 to 5.1) that helps you work with SpringFramework.

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This is a sh... of plugin! I hope it's life will be shorter.
The SpringFramework willbe integrated in v7.0 and not in v6.0 so this plugin still has almost one year to live :-)
Spring will be integrated in IDEA in 6.0, won't it?

thus this plugin become inutil
I think this is great, because:
- Spring is not a joy for everybody.
- Not everybody buys the IoC hype.
- Spring zealots cry very loud.

Thus a plug-in that is developed by a third party for this "market" has several advantages:
- it's not the work of Jetbrains, so they can concentrate on the IDE, not on any hype it comes and goes.
- Spring fans have a direct "partner" where they can ask for features, complain, or even help and contribute, thus letting Jetbrains doing their work.
- It's a good solution the the previous AOP plug-in fiasco.
This plugin makes working with Spring a joy.
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