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Simple plugin to make navigation to element usages easier than using Alt+F7.
Works similar to Ctrl+Alt+F7 in Resharper.
Why this plugin?! Well, I browse code more often than I write.. So I for one definitely needed this.. Hope it's useful for others too..

And this's the first plugin in a series of plugins planned to make navigation and code analysis a whole lot easier.. (provided I manage to work on them :D )

Default key binding is to Alt+Shift+F7, coz in Linux Ctrl+Alt+F7 is taken up for switching to virtual console 7 (which typically is the one running your current X session).

Comes with no configuration page. If you want something to be configurable, let me know and it'll be added.
Bouquets and Brickbats are welcome :)

UPDATE (11th November, 2010):
Since version 7, IntelliJ IDEA comes with it's own implementation of this feature. Therefore, this plugin is obsolete, and will not be developed further.

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Update date

Recent change notes

2.0 - Final Vesion.

IntelliJ comes bundled with it's own implementation of this feature since IDEA v7, which can be invoked with Ctrl + Alt + F7. Therefore, this plugin will no longer be developed/maintained.
The plugin sources are available at Sourceforge (SVN):https://jumptousage.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jumptousage and GitHub: https://github.com/CodeMangler/JumpToUsage.git

  • Incorporated the fix provided by Thomas Hartwig to make the plugin work with IDEA 8.x
  • Updated the plugin.xml limiting the plugin to IDEA 8.1.x. The plugin will not work with any previous or future versions of IDEA anymore.

1.9 - Bugfix - Plugin does not work properly with GUI code views (like with CodeDependency)

1.8 - Few more improvements..
  • Plugin gives feedback with a Progress Bar while searching..
  • No more frozen UI due to long searches
  • Usage search can be cancelled

1.6 - Minor usability improvements..
  • Fixed NPE when the action is invoked on non editor windows.. Ex, on the Project manager
  • Editor brings usage to focus when you navigate to usage..
  • Popup shows up just below the cursor.. So the element on which the action was invoked is visibile..
  • Duplicate references are filtered out..
  • Action runs in a separate thread, so it doesn't freeze the UI if it takes long to finish..

1.4 - Corrupted jar in previous version.. Still doesn't work with 5.x

1.3 - Announcing that the plugin is not compatible with 5.x OpenAPI.. Works only with 6.0 Beta (Build #5581) onwards.. Will be coming up with a proper version soon..

1.2 - First stable release
  • Fix to bug: Anonymous classes appear with a name 'null' on the list
  • Improved List Rendering: Now you get nice icons on the list :)
  • Well, what more? Waiting for bug reports/feature requests :D

1.0 - Beta release
Few minor refactorings to the code structure

0.1 - Initial pre beta release.

General usage instructions

Hit Alt+Shift+F7 on an element to get a quick list of its usages
I have made available a new version for working with Idea 8.x.

Please see here for download:
It does not display the correct JSP file name in the found list ( if there are some usages in jsp files).
Excellent Plugin. Having used Resharper a lot i was missing this feature in Intellij
Awesome plugin! When you're finding usages all the time, every keystroke counts. So instead of
"alt-f7, enter, move my focus to the window, choose usage",
"ctl-shift-f7, choose usage"
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