KonaWorks PowerPack

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Vendor: KonaWorks

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A pack with the following tools:

  • Group Modules (Project View) - Group some or all of your modules easily by: type, parent directory, name prefix/xuffix, DevKit (JDK/SDK), VCS type or language level
  • Array Indexer (Editor) - Show 'array element index' hint (Alt+mouse over).
  • Editor Gutter Context Menu (Editor) - menu for Editor with several actions available.
  • Insert Into (Editor) - A new code action to easily insert an expression inside a string literal (Ctrl+Alt+Insert).
  • Javadoc Roots (Navigation) - Easily navigate to any of the Javadoc roots available to your project (Shift+Ctrl+F1).
  • Tool Windows (Navigation) - 'Jump to ToolWindow...' popup (Alt+F12).
  • Open Editors (Navigation) - 'View Open Editors' popup (Ctrl+Shift+E).
  • CVS Log inspections (Inspections) - Reports files that contain CVS Log keywords

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Recent change notes


  • More options to some of the module grouping types
  • An "Edit Bookmark Description" menu item to the Editor Gutter Context Menu
  • Added CVS inspections


2006-10-25 12:49:46
This plugin is used similar function for 'Opened files' and even the same short cut. Please see my EditorTree plugin. Also, see TabSwitch plugin from Bas...

It look like duplicate functionality.