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The Class Hunter Intellij plugin aims to provide a way for Intellij programmers to locate missing Java classes in folders or Jar files required by projects. Class Hunter is designed to start with a set of locations where Java projects and applications are commonly stored (i.e. C:\java) and search for classes.

A search can be initiated directly from source editing when a class in a source file remains red without an import prompt, or from opening Class Hunter from a menu and pasting a class from a ClassNotFoundException after a runtime failure. Class Hunter integrates with IDEA in an unintrusive way by adding a "Find Class" option to the editing context menu and the search menu.

Particular features of Class Hunter include:
  • Search for a class not found in source code during editing from the context menu
  • Search for classes based on a string search from the search menu
  • Finds multiple matches in Jar files
  • Automatically add found Jar files to the module classpath

String searches in Class Hunter also allow the programmer to find potentially useful classes by only specifying part of a class name, i.e., the search string "util" would find classes such as StringUtils and XmlUtil.

Comments, suggestions, bugs etc. are very welcome.
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Fixed bug related to removing folders in the config window.


2013-08-01 22:10:15
Thanks for plugin
2008-10-23 03:10:55
Simple and has proved very useful
2007-09-29 23:05:54
I wanted to run a Geronimo 1.1 Web Application in IntelliJ. However, I wanted to have a light-weight client that would only depend on libraries actually used by the application.
Without Class Hunter, it would have taken me forever to locate the classes in the jars that were not found at runtime. It was a matter of minutes using the plugin :-)
Thanks a lot!
2007-03-27 19:02:59
This plugin is great. What would make it perfect is if you can make its settings be based on project. For example, the plugin IntelliTail does this. Each of my projects has a different place where the jars are stored, so I would want to put a different setting for Class Hunter for each project.
2006-11-04 21:42:06
2006-11-04 21:41:41
It is very useful for me, when creating a new Project