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The Class Hunter Intellij plugin aims to provide a way for Intellij programmers to locate missing Java classes in folders or Jar files required by projects. Class Hunter is designed to start with a set of locations where Java projects and applications are commonly stored (i.e. C:\java) and search for classes.

A search can be initiated directly from source editing when a class in a source file remains red without an import prompt, or from opening Class Hunter from a menu and pasting a class from a ClassNotFoundException after a runtime failure. Class Hunter integrates with IDEA in an unintrusive way by adding a "Find Class" option to the editing context menu and the search menu.

Particular features of Class Hunter include:
  • Search for a class not found in source code during editing from the context menu
  • Search for classes based on a string search from the search menu
  • Finds multiple matches in Jar files
  • Automatically add found Jar files to the module classpath

String searches in Class Hunter also allow the programmer to find potentially useful classes by only specifying part of a class name, i.e., the search string "util" would find classes such as StringUtils and XmlUtil.

Comments, suggestions, bugs etc. are very welcome.
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