UUID Plugin

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Inserts UUID or Unique Keys at the caret location

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General usage instructions

This is a very simple plugin to insert unique keys at the caret position. Keys could be used in sql scripts or to auto-generate message keys for i18n. Can be used to insert unique ids in the editor. Ctrl-Alt-U, Ctrl-Alt-U would insert a Universally Unique key (java.util.UUID) at the caret location. Key generated will be like 8f9ead7b-7e1a-437b-bfaa-f179b812ddb5. Ctrl-Alt-U, Ctrl-Alt-K would insert an almost Unique Key at the caret location. Keys generated will be like UY6HCDP. Note that these keys are time based and not universally unique.
this doesn't work in phpstorm 9.0 - i can install the plugin, but the keybinding won't place a uuid. there's also no entry for UUID in the keymap under settings.
Better if place how to use this plugin to description which in IDEA Plugin Manager,
because need to google to find...
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