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SVN bar

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Plugin creates quick access buttons for use SVN. Based on "CVS bar" plugin

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Recent change notes

  • 2.0 - Mac compatible version.
  • 1.2.3 - New action: compare with last version.
  • 1.2.2 - Mac compatible (jdk 1.5).
  • 1.2.1 - New button: show SVN properties
  • 1.2 - Idea 7.0 compatibility.
  • 1.0 - Initial release
I love this plugin. I have been using it for years. On my Mac running IDEA 14.0.2, it doesn't work anymore. Instead, it constantly barrages me with a dialog that says "Action not found: ChangesView.Rollback". I have only been using 14 for a couple weeks, but I've gone looking in the toolbar for my beloved SVN Bar at least a hundred times. Please, please, please, update this plugin! :)
Used this plugin with IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.6 without problems. Unfortunately it doesn't work with IntelliJ IDEA 14! I get error messages that a rollback action was not found.
Not running for Idea Version 14 preview (IC-138.2458.8)
currently using IntelliJ 9.0.1 with personal license on OSX 10.4

I get an error message when trying to run a query:

"the dialog wrapper can be used only on event dispatch thread"

Rated 4 as I used this on an older version of intellij.
Sorry for the delay... now works fine under Mac
Um, I get the same old error with IntelliJ 7.04 that I used to get last year with the previous versions of IntelliJ. Is there a way around this, because the plugin is unusable for me the way it is? I'm on Win XP. Cheers.

update failed for AnAction with ID=SVNBar.Revert: JOptionPane: parentComponent does not have a valid parent
Broken since #7878 and still in 7.0.4
at least when deployed on the Mac
I posted a tracker at https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1912033&group_id=213116&atid=1024431 to request a new feature.
I would like a setting option that lets the svn bar always compare the
local file with the latest SVN revision. Note: This option is since long available in the CVS bar plugin. Would be very handy in the SVN bar too!
I installed the latest version (1.2.2) -- still hangs on startup. I downloaded the source code and built the plugin myself -- still hangs on startup.

Wish I could use this, but I am giving up on it now.
You could use an ant build file or some instructions -- building from source and figuring out how to package the plugin is not exactly intuitive.
Try to download lastest version of the plugin (1.2.2), that is fully jdk 1.5.
If still have trouble, download and compile the source code yourself from sourceforge.net
on Idea 7.0.3 The splash screen hangs with this plugin. With the same error indicated earlier: Bad version number in .class file
However in an earlier EAP version (build 7718) this plugin just loads nicely. I wonder how this can be? I\'m on Mac and there is no JDK 1.6 so how can build 7718 load the plugin and 7.0.3 cannot?
What can we do about this, I need this plugin...

Thanks for any hint
Idea 7.0.2
Mac OS X 10.5

I installed the plugin in with the plugin manager on, and it caused Idea to hang on startup. I rebuilt the plugin on OS X and installed manually (into ~/Library/Application Support/IntelliJIDEA70) and now it's working fine. This plugin is a must have!
It's pretty nice and very useful! Thanks!
Which idea version are you using?
Which is your jdk version, 1.5?

I will check again the jdk used to compile the plugin, but I'm sure that is version 1.5.

If the problem persists, maybe you should recompile it with mac jdk compiler.
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