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Watches a CruiseControl/Hudson RSS feed and displays images when the build is broken and fixed.
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Version Compatible builds Date
0.10 69.7000 06.06.2008 Download
0.6 50.4267 08.02.2007 Download
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Recent change notes

0.6 Supports watching multiple cruise builds. 0.7 Made dialogs non modal to not interrupt startup. 0.8 Paused display of build breakages during project load 0.9 Added support for sound clips 0.91 Support Hudson builds. 0.10 Updated for Intellij 7.0

General usage instructions

Get a big visual notice that you've broken the build. Set up CruiseWatcher to watch one or several CruiseControl builds. When you break it, a dialog will pop up with a random image from a directory you've configured. Clicking on a button will take you to the status page to address the issue.

For some sample images, see