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Allows configuration and use of the Jetty webserver directly from IntelliJ IDEA, for running/debugging web applications.
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Recent change notes

Version 0.5.2 (Build 101)
  • New: Added support for deployment of "external source" webapps at Jetty startup.
Version 0.5.1 (Build 99)
  • Fixed: NoSuchMethodError using plug-in with EAP build 98.231.
Version 0.5.0 (Build 98)
  • New: Updated for IDEA X.
Version 0.5.0 (Build 97)
  • New: Updated for IDEA 9.x.
  • New: Added support for Jetty 7.x.
  • New: Extension points provided for detecting, configuring and controlling different versions of Jetty.
  • Removed: Support for Jetty earlier than version 6.1.0 has been dropped.
  • Removed: Support for IntelliJ IDEA running on JDK 1.5 has been dropped.
  • Fixed: Possible NumberFormatException on launching Jetty.
  • Fixed: Possible NullPointerException adding application server configuration file.
  • Fixed: jetty.bat fails if JAVA_OPTS or JETTY_OPTS has a value containing a double quote character.
Version 0.4.1 (Build 54)
  • Fixed: Updated version dependency information for compatibility with IDEA 8.1.
Version 0.4.0 (Build 53)
  • New: Support JSP debugging.
  • New: Detect Hightide installations when creating Jetty Application Server configurations.
Version 0.3.1 (Build 51)
  • New: Updated for IDEA 8.x.
  • Fixed: Launch scripts fail when Java executable path and Jetty configuration file paths contain spaces.
  • Fixed: Default order of configuration files when creating an application server configuration causes IllegalStateException.
  • Fixed: Jetty version number may not be detected correctly when creating an application server configuration.
  • Fixed: Launch process sometimes fails to determine stop port and key, preventing IDEA from stopping Jetty.
Version 0.3.0 (Build 39)
  • New: Support IDEA 7.x facets.
  • New: Support hot deployment of web contexts.
Version 0.2.0 (Build 18)
  • New: Permit Jetty's configuration files to be specified.
  • Fixed: makes bundling source code with a binary distribution unnecessary.
  • Fixed: IDEA project files are not included in source code archive.
Version 0.1.1 (Build 10)
  • Fixed: shows no plug-in description.
  • Fixed: jetty.bat fails when Jetty and IDEA are installed on different Windows drives.
  • Fixed: is not executable after plug-in installation.
Version 0.1.0 (Build 7)
  • Initial release

General usage instructions

No longer being updated. Jetbrains provides its own plug-in for Jetty from IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 onwards.


2011-04-18 12:59:51
Re. IntelliJ IDEA 10 : Jetbrains provides its own plug-in for Jetty from IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 onwards so this plug-in will no longer be updated. While it's possible to install this plug-in in preference to the Jetbrains one I don't see the point.
2011-04-18 12:51:24
Re. locking files: the plug-in doesn't explicitly perform any file locking and has no knowledge at all about the particular file types in a project. So I think any locking must be down to IntelliJ IDEA or Jetty. Unless you can show me otherwise?
2011-04-17 14:27:20
I don't seem to be able to install it with Intellij 10. Is it correct that it this version is not yet supported?
2011-04-08 13:40:19
Can it be prevented from locking static files eg .css and .js?
2010-09-23 14:08:29
It would be nice if the context root (in the deployment tab if the run config) would default to the artifact name rather than /
2010-09-20 12:38:18
tried with jetty 8M1, but did not get it to work (i know it's not supported, just telling FYI)
2010-08-18 21:24:08
The shutdown script does not work on OS X. I believe it tries to start jetty again when I click the stop button, because I get an error that the port is already in use.
2010-08-04 01:01:49
I've transferred the plug-in source code from a private subversion repository to a public git repository:

github provides an issue tracker that plug-in users will hopefully find convenient.
2010-08-04 00:58:19
The bind exception is caused by jetty.xml being processed twice by Jetty: once because the plug-in includes it (by default) and once because the start.ini file in the Jetty 7.1 distribution has it uncommented. A workaround is to comment out the line in start.ini.
2010-07-29 22:23:27
A quick update to my previous comment: the reported issue happens only with Jetty 7.1.x and not with Jetty 6.1.x.

Maybe you can take a look and see if there's a quick fix.
2010-07-29 22:20:05
I am trying to start a basic project from IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.3 running the latest version of the plugin configured with Jetty 7.1 and all I'm getting is a BindException: Address already in use

2010-07-29 21:17:02.040:WARN::FAILED SelectChannelConnector@ Address already in use
2010-07-29 21:17:02.040:WARN::FAILED SelectChannelConnector@ Address already in use

There's no other instance of Jetty started anywhere outside Idea
2010-06-08 17:43:55
No, Peter, there's not. I've never used any public project-hosting services so I just have my own private repositories and issue tracker. It's not ideal from your point of view, but I'm afraid you'll just have to email me.
2010-06-07 16:40:23
Mark, is there a place where we can post issues?
2010-03-05 00:15:21
The 'Usage Instructions' section doesn't appear to be updating so contains out of date information...

The plug-in now supports Jetty 6.1.x and Jetty 7.x (and the Hightide variants), and works with IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.x and 9.x.

Thanks to Peter Niederwieser for updating to IDEA 9 in his forked codebase and to Chris Miller for his work on Jetty 7 support.
2010-01-21 15:03:08
Please, port it to IntelliJ 9.

"[x] Build on frame deactivation" feature is awesome!