Spell Checker German Dictionary

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Standard german dictionary for Spell Checker plugin
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2016-05-29 21:01:05
It doesn't work with the 2016 Version. Workaround: 1. Extract the /src/dict/german.0 file 2. Rename the file to german.dic 3. In the settings navigate to Editor -> Spelling -> Dictionaries 4. Add the path to the german.dic-File to "Custom Dictionary Folder" 5. Press OK
2016-04-26 17:30:47
For those who missed it like I did: you can now add your dictionaries in Settings - Editor - Spelling - Dictionaries
2016-04-26 16:29:14
Looks like it stopped working in *2016. Any chance someone can update it?
2013-03-08 13:29:12
kepler, PyCharm has it's own spell checker plugin. You should try to configure that. This dictionary won't work with it.
2013-03-08 13:04:08
Hi, I downloaded this plugin with PyCharm 2.7, but it does not load and gives me the following error message: Plugin was not loaded. Required plugin "SpellChecker" is not enabled. Needless to say that spell checking is checked in "Preferences > Inspections > Spelling > Typo". In "Preferences > Spelling" there is no switch that can be turned on, but spell checking works in my code. Any ideas or hints would be highly appreciated. kepper
2007-12-31 01:56:46
this piece is essentially based on igerman98, which is GPLv2.

You do not write anywhere here or in the downloadable package this informatioin. Please add the license and origin information.