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Standard german dictionary for Spell Checker plugin

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@devtronic Thank's a lot. I followed your description. It works :) (Btw. One has to unzip the jar file.)
It doesn't work with the 2016 Version. Workaround: 1. Extract the /src/dict/german.0 file 2. Rename the file to german.dic 3. In the settings navigate to Editor -> Spelling -> Dictionaries 4. Add the path to the german.dic-File to "Custom Dictionary Folder" 5. Press OK
For those who missed it like I did: you can now add your dictionaries in Settings - Editor - Spelling - Dictionaries
Looks like it stopped working in *2016. Any chance someone can update it?
kepler, PyCharm has it's own spell checker plugin. You should try to configure that. This dictionary won't work with it.
Hi, I downloaded this plugin with PyCharm 2.7, but it does not load and gives me the following error message: Plugin was not loaded. Required plugin "SpellChecker" is not enabled. Needless to say that spell checking is checked in "Preferences > Inspections > Spelling > Typo". In "Preferences > Spelling" there is no switch that can be turned on, but spell checking works in my code. Any ideas or hints would be highly appreciated. kepper
this piece is essentially based on igerman98, which is GPLv2.

You do not write anywhere here or in the downloadable package this informatioin. Please add the license and origin information.
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