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Amazon EC2

Products: IntelliJ IDEA

Vendor: Elastic Grid


Website: http://www.elastic-grid....ains/intellij/amazon-ec2


Adds integration tools with Amazon EC2.

  1. Edit Amazon EC2 settings from the settings panel and fill in your AWS Access ID and AWS Secret Key.
  2. (Re)open a project
  3. Click on the Amazon EC2 toolbar on the bottom of IntelliJ main window
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Recent change notes:

  • 1.0.2: Updated in order to provide support for High-CPU Medium and High-CPU Extra Large instance types.
  • 1.0.1: Added filtering to the AMI list. Fixed layout.
  • 1.0: Updated Typica to version 1.2
  • 0.9: Added support for availability zones. Updated Typica.
  • 0.8: Added SSH client allowing connections to EC2 instances. Added support for the console output. Fixed refresh actions.
  • 0.7: Added support for the new instance types. Improved error messages reporting.
  • 0.6: EC2 instances can be started from the UI. Tables can be refreshed.
  • Initial version of the plugin
  • Comments:

    2008-04-23 23:59:52
    A screencast walkthrough is available at:
    2008-01-04 01:00:32
    Good, was quickly able to create and shutdown instances.

    However ssh requires the keypair, and it's not clear where this is stored on the filesystem. Leaving that field blank doesn't work either.
    2007-11-07 20:12:40
    Hey, after all I wrote it because I wanted to be even more productive on IntelliJ :)