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Products: IntelliJ IDEA

Vendor: Alain Ravet



Adds 4 text moving actions to the editor: (action prefix == LineMover.")
Ctrl-Shift-IMove 1 Up:Move the current 1/n line(s) 1 row Up
Ctrl-Shift-KMove 1 Down:Move the current 1/n line(s) 1 row Down
Alt-Ctrl-Shift-IMove To Top:Move the selected text to the Top
Alt-Ctrl-Shift-KMove To Bottom:Move the selected text to the Bottom
Downloads: 15048
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Version Compatible builds Date
1.1b 40.3177 01.03.2005 Download
0.4e 40.888 — 40.3144 19.01.2005 Download
0.4b Pallada 40.1000 05.07.2004 Download
0.4b 30.06.2004 Download
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Recent change notes

v1.1: added 'Move to Top/Bottom'.
v1.0: auto-indents the moved lines (thanks to Dmitry Skavish).
v0.4g: supports IDEA build 3177(Irida).