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Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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IntelliHeap attaches to an instrumented HotSpot JVM and collects and graphically displays garbage collection, class loader, and HotSpot compiler performance data. The target JVM is identified by its virtual machine identifier, or vmid.

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Works fine, once you have the vmid. To get this you need to use the JDK provided jps command. For example,

jps -v

1234 JUnitStarter -agentlib...
4321 Bootstrap -Djboss...

The number is the vmid, and is all you need to supply in the configuration box for localhost.
how can we configure it...its asking lot of parameters like VM id and all....how can we find the VM id
1. The link to intelliheap (at sf.net) is wrong
2. Please supply a picture so we know what we're going to get
3. I tried to run it but couldn't and it appears that your plugin depends on Java 1.6. If that is so then document it; otherwise please "-target 1.5" when you compile.
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