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Vendor: Paulo Mattos and Hugo Baés


Website: http://grok.olympya.com

Source code: Grok_1856.zip

A fully extensible implementation expertise mining framework. The framework supports heuristic metrics that quantitatively mines artifacts-centric expertise levels from version control and issue tracker repositories.

An integrated communication infrastructure links developers seeking help on given software artifact to the appropriate experts. The skilled experts subset is deduced by a user-defined metric evaluated at runtime. The communications facilities includes sending emails, sharing code pointers using IDEtalk, submitting bug reports or new feature requests.

By default, the expertise query/help action is mapped to Ctrl+Shift+F1.

Documentation: http://grok.olympya.com
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Recent change notes

Implemented support for automatic workgroup creation. 1.0.2:
Fixed yet another plugin upload problem.

Fixed .zip layout problem.

Initial release.