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A fully extensible implementation expertise mining framework. The framework supports heuristic metrics that quantitatively mines artifacts-centric expertise levels from version control and issue tracker repositories.

An integrated communication infrastructure links developers seeking help on given software artifact to the appropriate experts. The skilled experts subset is deduced by a user-defined metric evaluated at runtime. The communications facilities includes sending emails, sharing code pointers using IDEtalk, submitting bug reports or new feature requests.

By default, the expertise query/help action is mapped to Ctrl+Shift+F1.

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Recent change notes

Implemented support for automatic workgroup creation. 1.0.2:
Fixed yet another plugin upload problem.

Fixed .zip layout problem.

Initial release.

Can you make Google code issues manager enable?
Thanks for all the feedbacks.

We created a discussion group at https://fogbugz.olympya.com/?grok so you can comment, report bugs and ask for features, and we will track everything to do our best working on them.

Those bugs reported previously here were already posted by me on our discussion group.
In one of my classes, the plugin detects 2 authors, one with 100% and the other with 8%. I think that this stats are wrong.

Also, when I set developer information (such as email), the popup doesn't allow me to send an email. I have to restart the project, and then the option is enable.
My project has 3 modules, and it only works with the first module.
In the others, always say "Class XXXX is not under version control", and it is.

It requieres IDEA talk... can you auto-disabled IDEA talk features to non-IDEA talk users?
After reading the description slooowly, I got this impression:

Based on version control commits, the plugin calculates that how much of a class has been written by each developer. This information may help you to find the developer who has the most experience about the internals of a class. And when you know the person(s) responsible for writing the class, you can send bug reports/feature requests to them or ask them for help on using/modifying the class.

The way that the description is now, it would very much fit into The Daily WTF. I thought that only marketing people and lawyers write that kind of gibberish.
After reading the description of this plugin I still don't have a clue what it does. Can we get a less academic description and maybe something readable by a mere mortal?
I can't believe this got an honourable mention in the plugin contest. The jar is built with target jdk1.6 and so won't run at all if you run IDEA on any previous versions of the jdk (think OSX). Persevering, I turned to the source distribution, which was completely disorganised -directories not lining up with the build.xml and missing libs to build. This feels like version 0.01 alpha, not "1.0.5" software. It also makes the plugin comp look like a bad joke.
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