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Uses Google Translate to translate the selected text. Select some text, hit alt/option - T, and away you go.
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Recent change notes:

1.4.1 - Removed version ceiling, as the plugin works just fine in early builds of IntelliJ 8 1.4 - Added support for all the new languages available in Google Translate. 1.3 - Moved popup menu text and description into the resource bundle - had been hardcoded in plugin.xml. 1.2 - Set 'until-build' attribute, since big plugin API changes are coming in version 8. Also added Greek and Dutch translations. 1.1 - Fixed horrible, awful bug that would prevent you from opening IntelliJ after you had installed the plugin. Yeah, I win a cookie for that one... 1.0 - First usable release.

General usage instructions:

Install and enjoy. "Translate" option will appear in the editor popup menu; this is applied to the selected text. Supports all source and target languages as Google Translate.

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