SQL Query Plugin

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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A tool for executing SQL statements through a JDBC connection.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Executing multiple statements at once
  • Highlighting of primary and foreign keys
  • Editing of results
  • Support for easier configuration of common JDBC driver
  • Support of different column formats (including custom formats)
  • Browser for database structure
  • Statement templates for often used statements
  • Support for Java BLOB's
  • Export into XML, HTML, CSV and Excel
  • Data Load

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Recent change notes

  • [SQLQ-13] - Plugin not working on Mac
  • [SQLQ-15] - Editing of date columns doesn't work
  • [SQLQ-4] - Output messages are sometimes in the wrong order
New Features
  • [SQLQ-1] - Import of data files
  • [SQLQ-6] - Add support for Microsoft SQLServer 2005 Driver
  • [SQLQ-16] - Allow relative dates for table date editors.
  • [SQLQ-17] - Add viewer for image BLOB's
The plugin throws an exception when I try to add a JDBC driver in the latest IDEA EAP release. I wanted to report this bug, but unfortunately the bug tracker is not available anymore (404).
Great plugin! I have a fix to get it working on the latest Idea CE 13. The latest version throws errors when you try to add/define a custom JDBC driver.
still the best for exploring dbs in IntelliJ 13
Would be nice to see some options to change the syntax highlighting manually. Otherwise works flawlessly
A very good plugin. Possible to add autocomplete to SQL keywords?

I am beginning to use the plugin. I am new to database design also. I need the conection string to look like:
but the plugin here I see produces:

Where should I change a setting or what might be the problem?

Aside I think it should score high. An early user I am.
Great plug-in!!. Seemed to work for a couple of DB's I entered. However, recently after adding some more DB's I get the error "The DialogWrapper" can only be used on event dispatch thread. Is anyone else seeing this?
It's working on 7.0.4 bug is problematic in different ways. Would be nice to fix. Would have rated it a positive "4" if all those were fixed. Meanwhile I started looking for alternatives in standalone / open source.

1. The Home/End buttons are going to begining/end of text instead of line (as mentioned before)

2. A long running query could hang the IDE and not only the plugin. (*)

3. Sometimes undo does not work. Don't have an exact scenario.

Squirrel is my alternative first attempt, works so far, not the cleanest usability but just ok.
SQL queries should really be an integral part of the IDE - IntelliJ team - pick this up and either write sql support from scratch or integrate Squirel or whatever is the best open source out there. Don't leave it to the mercy of a plugin developer - not good for the effectiveness of the tool nor your business. You should probably aim at making SQL queries a "5" rating for every intellij user - same as the overall IDE usually is.

(*) I do use a very heavy project with > 20k classes and lots of jsps/jars, overall installable after jsp pre-compilation + classes + jars is ~200MB; Not sure how much of the overall heaviness of the project is in play here.
Just installed it with IntelliJ 7.0.4. DB Connection works, but when I expand 'Procedures' on a database, it hangs IntelliJ.

Reverting to dbHelper...
Nice work.
I love this plugin, but can not use it with Idea 7.0.1&2, as Home and End buttons do not work properly: pressing Home moves the cursor to the end of text, rather than line. It is so irritating, if you use “run selected” mode! I believe, this happens to all the plugin windows, though. Staying with version 6 :(
I love it.
I use DBVisualizer so this plugin isn't that useful. I suppose it is a good solution if you don't want to use DbVisualizer.
It had a problem with version 6. Till then it was wonderful.
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