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Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Run JiBX binding compiler after the Java compiler has run and provides validation support.

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Recent change notes

- [NEW] Updated to work with IntelliJ IDEA 9
- [NEW] Updated JiBX to version 1.2.1
- Now using IntelliJ facets with auto-detection of JiBX bindings
- Support for 'format' settings in the binding

Does not install via the automatic plug-in page from idea. I manually installed it and it is now there, but does not seem to work.
Four stars for potential, but in its current form the JiBX plugin doesn't work for me yet. I would happily contribute to an effort to get this plugin working.

I'm using the 9.0.4 EAP version of Idea - (Maia) IU-95.495 - and the 80.9000 distribution of the JiBX plugin.

Specific issues with the JiBX plugin:

1. Automatic plugin installation through the IDE fails. It appears that the distribution file is lacking a top-level "jibx" directory. I had to create that directory myself, and then manually extract the contents of the JiBX plugin distribution into it.

2. Once a binding.xml file has been identified by IDEA as a JiBX facet, there is no visual representation of this facet association. Binding.xml files still have the ubiquitous [X] icon which applies to all "ordinary" .XML files.

3. I have a multi-module project. My binding of a class in the -server module references a class in the -common module. Maven weaves these JiBX bindings happily, but the JiBX plugin cannot resolve the class in the -common module when executing the binding.xml file of the -server module. (I am _not_ using "pre-compiled" bindings).

4. I use elements within which are nested elements. The "code analysis" provided by the JiBX plugin tries to resolve "aaa" as a member of the class being mapped; but this is wrong - "aaa" is a member of the class type of the field "xxx" in the class being mapped. As a result I have a lot of "red" in the UI, despite Maven being very happy to weave the binding.

Robin Roos (robin at roos dot uk dot net)
I think that you should install it manually. ZIP files doesn't include root folder. So basically create folder (e.x. Jibx) in /.IntelliJIdeaXX/config/plugins and unzip downloaded file into it.
I tried the new 3.1 with both 9 beta (90.193) and 8.1.4 (9952). Both do not show a jibx context menu item when clicking on the bindings file, nor do facets appear in the module settings. So how is it used?

Would be nice to get this plugin soon back working :-)
I can confirm that it still doesn't work with IDEA 8.1.3 (9886).
This doesn't seem to work with the latest version of IDEA (8.1.3). The plugin throws exceptions upon launch.
This is really helpful, thanks. One suggestion - once you've marked a JiBX mapping file, it would be nice if the context menu item was checked.
Hi, unfortunately it doesn't work in those cases when i have a multi module project and the class and the binding xml are in different modules. It should not be a big change. Could you fix this?

The usage of this plugin is rather simple: right click on your binding file and select "Use as JiBX mapping".

When you compile, the JiBX bind will run after the Java compilation.
Where's the documentation on how to use this?
Great plugin but I still don't see it on my Idea Tools menu ???!!!!
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