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Products: IntelliJ IDEA

Vendor: Crystalbyte



DiamondSpin plugin for UML modelling
Downloads: 8202
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1.6 + 11.10.2005 Download


2012-07-15 04:04:54
There's always room for anhtoer language. I like some of the things you've left out as I can't see using Scala at work with all the sharp edges it has. A more English syntax (as opposed to Scala which looks very mathematical) is also appreciated, although I do wish there weren't abbreviations can't we say, for example, function instead of fun , func , def or defun ? The IDE is going to complete these abbreviations anyway and they're just not intuitive to look at. I do hope that you will include something like the Scala package scoping syntax. That's a major improvement for library writers like myself. I'm glad to see traits, although I wish someone would sit down and figure out how to make generics intuitive. They're terrible (although very useful!) in Java. Can't wait to see how it shapes up. Jon
2008-11-04 13:28:40
I need more information before I even download this plugin.
2008-11-04 13:28:11
I need more information before I even download this plugin.