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IntelliJ IDEA plugin for Mercurial integration.
RubyMine and WebIDE should work but hg4idea was never tested against them.

System Requirements:

  • IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate or Community)
  • Java 5+
  • Mercurial 1.5+

If you found a bug or would like to see some features added to hg4idea please open a ticket in bugtracker.

When opening bugs don't forget to include:

  • IntelliJ IDEA version
  • hg4idea version
  • Mercurial version
  • Exact steps to reproduce
Downloads: 10974
Participated in rating: 16
Version Compatible builds Date
0.6.14-8.1.4 85.9952 — 85.* 01.02.2010 Download
0.6.14-7.0.5 75.7971 — 75.7999 01.02.2010 Download

Recent change notes

Changes since 0.6.0
  • [feature] Folders under mercurial control are auto-detected on project creation
  • [feature] New status notifications for incoming and outgoing changesets
  • [enhancement] User was required to enter the hg executable path for every project
  • [enhancement] Added support for multi-line commit messages
Changes since 0.5
  • [feature] Unresolved files show in red
  • [feature] Added new action to resolve all conflicts, will open the merge dialog
  • [feature] Added mercurial context action to mark a file as resolved
  • [feature] New Mercurial menu action to rebase MQ patches
  • [enhancement] When file is moved/renamed, it has a status of modified
  • [enhancement] Added tooltip to mercurial status component
  • [bugfix] exception clicking annotate in history view
  • [bugfix] NPE on project integration
  • Re-organized mercurial menu
  • Performance improvements
For full changelog visit wiki changelog page.