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Gismeteo Plugin

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Shows weather forecast from Gismeteo.Ru site

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General usage instructions

1. Just put the plugin's jar to your plugins directory. The gismeteo plugin will go to gismeteo.ru site hourly and gets the weather forecasts.

2. To choose your city go to Settings->Gismeteo.ru and enter the city index you already know from your former visits to gismeteo.ru site or choose your country and the city from the precached list. Then press "Choose" and "OK".
I've installed the plug in and it seems to work as prmisoed. Thanks!Unfortunately, I can't tell the spammers from the legitimate users without some additional information. I see above, where you (Josh) say that no additional fields can be added to the registration form. That would be optimal, as the new user could include a short note which would help me determine their legitimacy.Does anyone have any other ideas for making such a determination without prior contact with or knowledge of the legit users?Chip
Hi really fancy plugin. Could you add possibility to get forecasts for more than one day?
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