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ArgoUML Integration

Products: IntelliJ IDEA

Vendor: Juergen Kellerer

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Integrates ArgoUML into IntelliJ IDEA including basic round trip engineering. Note: This plugin requires a pre-installed ArgoUML, version >= 0.28. If you don't have ArgoUML yet, download it from The plugin can either be used with a fully installed ArgoUML or with the unpacked ZIP based distribution. Full usage instructions can be found at the plugin's homepage.
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0.1.2. 80.8000. 133. Download 101.31 2010-02-08 00:38:12 details
0.1.1. 80.8000. . Download 99.34 2010-01-21 18:16:47 details
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Recent change notes:

  • 0.1.2
    1. Added / extended usage instructions and plugin descriptor.
  • 0.1.1
    1. Cleaned code and plublished sources at
    2. Added option to disable the integration at project level.
    3. Fixed minor bugs.
    4. Tested with latest ArgoUML release 0.28.1.
  • 0.1
    1. Initial Alpha Release.


2013-11-10 12:08:09
why i get error after install this plugin? I used IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.5 Ultimate Edition, i have intalled ArgoUML v.0.34 too. error message : plugin com.intellij failed to initialize then, how to install this plugin? thanks, Best Reagards.
2011-07-07 07:36:56
It looks like 10.5 broke the plugin. Now I can see the model but I can't edit it and it corrupts the model file as well.
2010-11-21 06:32:36
Pointed the argoUML Installation to /Applications/ and it worked.
2010-09-14 11:06:02
It does not appear to work on mac.
When trying to point it to the argoUML installation in the intelliJ plugin settings, is keeps saying the path is not valid