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JRebel is a productivity tool that allows developers to reload code changes instantly. It skips the rebuild, restart, and redeploy cycle common in Java development. JRebel enables developers to get more done in the same amount of time and stay in the flow while coding. JRebel supports a majority of real-world enterprise java stacks and is easy to install into existing development environments.

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6.4.4 132.1 — 999.* 16.05.2016 Download
6.2.5-idea-11-12 114.98 — 132 01.10.2015 Download
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Recent change notes


  • Improved the JRebel Support dialog usability and messages.
  • Added support for multiline error messages in the activation dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where files deleted and re-created with identical hashes were not uploaded to a remote server.


  • Added an embedded support dialog for sending logs and feedback directly to the support team.
  • Added the generated-by attribute to rebel.xml.
  • Improved: warn user when adding localhost as a JRebel remote server.
  • Fixed an issue where log rolling would throttle remote synchronizations.
  • Fixed an issue where the JRebel plugin would not provide sufficient info to the user when JRebel home was not writable.
  • Fixed the issue where JRebel failed to connect to the License Server after a long sleep or hibernation.


  • Added support for backing up and restoring rebel.xml and rebel-remote.xml files.
  • Added an IDE notification to inform when a new JRebel version is made available.
  • Improved the remote server support performance when working with multiple servers and projects.
  • Improved the messages in the Run with CLI panel within JRebel Configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where the remote server checkbox was not deselected in JRebel panel when JRebel was disabled from the module settings.
  • Fixed an issue where JRebel plugin created rebel.xml in the incorrect source folder.


  • Added an IDE notification informing about duplicate project IDs on a remote server.
  • Fixed an issue where generating rebel.xml broke upon web facet defining a missing webroot.
  • Fixed an issue where the same achievement notifications were shown multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where the IDE would jump to breakpoints only for the active debug sessions on IntelliJ IDEA 16 EAP.
  • Removed JRebel-related launchers from Gradle run configurations.
  • Improved the error message shown when is read-only during license activation.
  • Fixed an issue with automatic synchronization for remote server support on Linux after folder deletion.
  • Fixed an issue where activating with a managed license locally gave an incorrect error message.


  • Introduced a common configuration property for setting the IDE log level.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate directories in rebel.xml causing remote console noise during synchronization.
  • Fixed an issue related to email verification.
  • Fixed a rare NPE when remote server support's sync-on-build mode was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the remote server console was closed by various IntelliJ IDEA events.
  • Fixed an issue where the activation window got stretched out.


  • Removed UI error notifications for projects not found on remote server on synchronization.
  • Improved remote server support, allowing changes to files outside of project main folders.
  • Added support for custom variables in rebel.xml with remote server support.
  • Improved the sending of JRebel remote usage statistics to the License Server.
  • Improved port calculation for notifications from JRebel to IDEs.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Get started with JRebel" notification would not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not activate with the jrebel.lic license file in its default location.
  • Fixed an issue where myJRebel users would see their license expiry date as the very next day.
  • Fixed an issue where "Synchronize on build" would not work without triggering at least one manual synchronization first.
  • Fixed an issue with JRebel remote support where hidden project metadata files were sent to remote server unnecessarily and caused slowness.
  • Fixed an issue with remote server support where multiple concurrent transactions were sent to the same server when using different context paths.
  • Fixed an issue where JRebel and Project panels closed after making a change to Project Settings.
  • Added the WebSphere Liberty Profile setup instructions to the Startup tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the Startup/Connection tab would appear in the regular application run configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where the JRebel Panel would show a text cursor when using Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where jrebel-bootstrap.jar was generated with the wrong JDK.
  • Fixed an issue where licensing status updates would end up in a wrong tab in the JRebel activation dialog.


  • Added a central remote servers configuration UI and updated JRebel project settings to use central remote servers.
  • Added a new remote server log console.
  • Added support for running JAR applications with JRebel enabled.
  • The remote server synchronization notifications have been revised.
  • Performing a remote server synchronization with multiple applications or servers now displays a single consolidated notification.
  • The "Scan all modules" feature has been moved behind a JVM flag.
  • Introduced IDE log file rotation.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling "Synchronize on build" triggers unnecessary synchronization events.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling "Synchronize on build" triggers unnecessary synchronization events.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Synchronize on build" notifications are too frequent.
  • Fixed an issue where simultaneous synchronization events for the same project could occur.
  • Fixed an issue where "Synchronize on build" checkbox does not work as expected.
  • Fixed inconsistent alignment on the About page.
  • Fixed an issue where license path for jrebel.lic is not correctly pre-filled in the activation dialog.


  • Removed a duplicate configuration button from IntelliJ IDEA's JRebel panel.
  • JRebel now notifies the user when rebel.base path contains spaces or is not writable.
  • Fixed an issue where many notifications were displayed during remote server events.
  • Fixed an issue where module names appear in hashed format in logs for remote server events.


  • Added the debug level to the logging option for the IDE plugin.
  • Variables in rebel.xml are no longer ignored during remote server synchronization.
  • Improved the automatic synchronization for remote server support.
  • Fixed an issue where activation displayed a JSON string in the Offline tab.


  • Improved consistency of JRebel icon usage throughout the plugin UI.
  • Tooltips for various GUI elements have been revised and improved.


  • JRebel 6.2.6 drops support for IntelliJ IDEA versions 11 and 12.
  • Fixed an issue with buttons having incorrect link targets on the activation dialog after trial activation.
  • Fixed an issue with first name validation in the trial activation form.
  • Fixed a rare issue with IntelliJ IDEA freezing while querying JVM properties.


  • Introduced the new JRebel remote server security protocol.
  • Added WildFly 9.0 to the JRebel startup instructions.
  • Improved configuration option copies for remote server configuration.


  • Fixed a bug in IntelliJ where JRebel arguments were not added when debugging a standalone app with JRebel in IntelliJ EAP 15.
  • Fixed a bug causing excessive verbosity in jrebel-licensing.log.
  • Fixed a bug wherein opening the activation dialog caused lagging.
  • Fixed a bug in JRebel for IntelliJ where the "No proxy" field was ignored when getting proxy information for remote server support.
  • Fixed a bug in IntelliJ where incorrect icon colors were used with the Darcula theme.


  • Unified product name and messaging across IDE plugins.
  • Unified JRebel license information rendering across IDE plugins.
  • Added the "About" tab.
  • Fixed an issue where very short paths throw errors on remote server synchronization.
  • Fixed an issue where remote user error messages were not informative enough.


  • Added a dedicated licensing log file (jrebel-licensing.log) within the .jrebel folder.
  • Fixed an issue on Windows with CLI startup instructions where REBEL_BASE with quotes was resolved as an incorrect path.
  • Fixed an issue where JRebel activation failed when using Android Studio.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling the remote server support for a project caused rebel.xml to be overwritten.
  • Fixed an issue where the plugin generated an incorrect rebel.xml file for Gradle projects.


  • Removed external server configuration from the options menu.
  • Improved the design of the JRebel modules panel.
  • Fixed an issue with Tomcat 6 server CLI instructions when using Linux or Mac OS.
  • Fixed word wrapping for multi-line messages in the JRebel activation dialog (trial tab).
  • Fixed an issue causing managed license lease to not last as long as it should.


  • The behavior of deleting missing files from a remote server is now consistent across IDEs.
  • Added HTTP Basic authentication compatibility to JRebel remote server support.
  • Duplicate files are now handled in a single transaction within JRebel remote server support.
  • Fixed the duplicated error messages reported by the JRebel remote server support.
  • Fixed the Getting started notification disappearing too quickly.
  • Fixed the false positive errors reported by JRebel remote server support while attempting to delete folders.
  • Fixed an issue with the debugger where adding a break point would fail.
  • Fixed an issue where the remote debugger did not get detached once the VM was stopped.
  • Fixed minor GUI issues in the Startup configuration tab.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to activate after an offline lease had expired.


  • Added the JRebel Startup tab to JRebel Configuration. Added setup instructions for three startup scenarios: IDE, CLI and Remote server.
  • Moved the JRebel menu to the top-most level in IDE settings.
  • Improved the JRebel remote server support to respect the order of rebel.xml entries when dealing with duplicated files in multiple monitored locations.
  • Fixed an NPE log that occurred during JRebel plugin startup.
  • Fixed a warning message displayed when submitting the IDE signup for Chrome users on Linux.
  • Various GUI label fixes.
  • Fixed the alignment in the license status area when displaying a long error message.


  • Improved the installation process for cloned environments. InstallationGUID is now generated during JRebel activation.
  • Fixed an issue where new users could see a notification that JRebel has saved them 0 hours.
  • Fixed the behavior when parsing a corrupted file. This now falls back to the default configuration.
  • Fixed some GUI labels (myJRebel, offline seats).
  • Fixed the wrong exception shown in IDE when SIGNATURE_INVALID is detected in remote server.


  • Added support for preventing reactivation while having an offline lease from License Server.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect activation window tab titles when activating with a trial license.
  • Fixed an issue where Tomcat does not start up as a service when rebel.base contains spaces.


  • Added support for launching Grails applications with JRebel


  • Added support for REBEL_BASE environment variable and "rebel.base" JVM argument to enable customisation of JRebel data directory
  • Improved error handling when reverting an offline seat from the License Server


  • Bugfixes


  • Improved JRebel license activation


  • Overhauled JRebel activation dialog


2016-03-20 01:03:55
Works straight out the box, never had an issue, cheers.
2016-03-09 19:12:05
Hi vsp99h, thanks for the feedback! We have identified and fixed the Debugger issue on Intellij 16 EAP - please upgrade your JRebel plugin for Intellij and give it a try.
2016-02-19 13:49:44
With IDEA 16 the plugin brokes IDE focus on Java breakpoint when inactive Java Debug tab.
2015-12-16 15:40:52
@Anonymous please send your error details to
2015-12-09 04:31:25
File is corrup
2015-01-16 13:24:38
Hi! @Anonymous: If you are an owner of the old perpetual license then you certainly are an early supporter. We discontinued giving out these licenses more than 5 years ago and now the policy related to them has indeed changed, as the product itself has changed significantly. You can continue using JRebel 5.x forever as is. About JRebel 6 and all future versions, can you please contact me personally at sander at zeroturnaround com, lets see if we can figure out a suitable solution :) -- Sander Sõnajalg JRebel product manager
2015-01-15 16:51:49
Since plugin version 6.0.0 it never stops complaining about activating JRebel. But I want to use the JRebel 5 agent since that is the last version that supports my old license key. In a related note: I got my key in the early JRebel versions (when it was still called JavaRebel). Even though they claimed back then that my license would work for all future upgrades, they stopped doing so. Since they started screwing over their early supporters, I will NEVER use JRebel 6 or higher. I will probably switch to Spring Loaded at some point.
2014-11-24 12:15:06
Please send more details on your proxy configuration to
2014-11-20 17:36:11
This bug (fixed with 5.6.0) seems to be back in the latest version with Idea 14: Problem when plugin failed to pass IDEA proxy settings to JRebel. Proxy settings from Idea doesn't have an effect. Always got HTTP error 407. Same proxy settings and license server url in eclipse working just fine.
2014-11-10 11:43:38
Yes, but the update failed, had to uninstall an reinstall the plugin to get it to work.
2014-11-07 10:22:42
The latest version of the plugin works with IntelliJ 14. Update the plugin if you haven't yet.
2014-11-07 10:14:02
When is support for Intellij 14 coming?
2014-09-24 13:47:16
Plugin works, but the licence seat is acquired as soon as IntelliJ starts, not when the JRebel work session starts. This is really annoying in a dev team as we are forced to buy a floating licence for each developper, when at most 70% of them is working at the same time
2014-06-20 14:28:14
My license is activated, but plugin keeps asking for the activation all over again
2013-08-17 22:36:05
zhouji IDEA 13 is not final yet. We will be working on version 13 support in some time.