Simple Syntax Highlighting for IDEA6

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Provides simple syntax highlighting based on user-definable configuration files. Use 'Init SimpleSyntax' from Tools menu to install Ruby syntax highlighting. Clone files in your IDEA 'config/options/SimpleSyntax' folder to enable highlighting for other languages. Use 'Reload SimpleSyntax' form Tools menu to reload configuration changes. /// Credits: Includes the wonderful JRuby and Groovy binary distributions.
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Recent change notes

[ V0.17 ] Fully fixed for IDEA 6.0. Now highlighting of files works properly again. [ V0.16 ] Fixed for IDEA 6.0. No more crashing IDEA 6.0 and later. [ V0.15 ] Fixed more minor issues in Ruby highlighting. [ V0.14 ] Fixed quirk in ColorSettingsPage when defining several rules for a syntax token. [ V0.13 ] Fixed duplicate file type issue. (Occurred when using 'Reload SimpleSyntax'.) [ V0.12 ] Speeded up example Ruby configuration by removing all 'ruby' and adding 'regex' tokens. Improved 'regex' performance. [ V0.11 ] Cleaned up resource/file access codebase. Moved configuration to 'config/options/SimpleSyntax' subfolder. [ V0.10 ] Fixed groovy rule implementation. Fixed DOC_COMMENT issue. [ V0.9 ] Improved Ruby example configuration. Fixed locked config file issue. [ V0.8 ] Implemented global registry collision work around when using more than one configuration. [ V0.7 ] Fixed minor (doc) issues after first (offical) plugin release. Fixed reloading of token colors/attributes. [ V0.6 ] Added 'groovy' syntax rule. [ V0.5 ] Added reload action. [ V0.4 ] Added init action. [ V0.3 ] Added 'ruby' syntax rule. [ V0.2 ] Implemented syntax configuration loading. [ V0.1 ] Initial release with hardcoded Ruby syntax.


2009-11-14 01:20:03
This is the original version of the plugin for IDEA 6. It should provide the basic keyword-based syntax highlighting. No advanced flex/jparsec support in this one!