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Vendor: Bart Cremers


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Follow your log files inside IntelliJ! This plugin does something similar to Unix Tail.


  • Choose the number of lines to display.
  • Pin a file down on a specific position.
  • Mark specific lines as being of interest (Press CTRL when clicking in gutter)
  • Advanced copy features (Press CTRL for rectangular selection).
  • Filtering to display and highlight matching lines, or simply don't display them!
  • Notification on matching lines.
  • Recent file history (Press SHIFT when clicking open file button).
  • Keyboard navigation:
    • Cursor keys to navigate in file.
    • Home/End to jump to beginning/end of line.
    • Ctrl Home/End to jump to beginning/end of buffer.
  • L&F integrated with IntelliJ L&F.
    • Change colors and fonts through the IDEA color configuration.
    • Shift-Click on a tab to close it.
    • Shift-Mousewheel increases/decreases font size.
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3.1.3 111.69 26.10.2012 Download
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3.1 40.3000 19.11.2006 Download
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Recompiled to work on JDK 1.6