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Allows to run Groovy Console in Idea classloader, so that makes testing different APIs really easy

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Recent change notes

New version of Idea Groovy Console Plugin - 0.1.5. Now it allows to run console for Idea plugins written in Groovy (does not matter whether they use Groovy embedded in Idea, or their own version). Previously this plugin allowed only running console for plugins written in Java.
Could you please try Remote Groovy Console plugin?
It is much more useful for these purposes, because you have code completion working there. I could help you with setup and usage tips if you want.

I do not work on Groovy Console Plugin anymore, because there is no reason to support two plugins with the same functionality.
Is this plugin compatible with the latest version of Idea? When I try to run it with the "IDEA CORE" classloader I get the following error:

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: com.intellij.util.lang.UrlClassLoader.loadClassInsideSelf() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [groovy.lang.GroovyObject]
It's me again. Yes, looks like I misused your plugin. I didn't notice its category. I don't make any plugin development and tried to use it as "interpreted java" for smooth development. But nevertheless, integrating as tool window would be cool, I think =) That's why having plugin would be better than doing as you hinted. BTW, thanks for hint.

As for OutOfMemoryError, it is not reproduced for now. Probably, problem was not in your plugin, but in EAP Idea edition. Scenario was simple: I had my project and tried to open your plugin from Tools menu, nothing special.
New version released - 0.1.2.
Now it is possible to select plugin classloader to run console in. So that console has become fast(since there it does not need to seach classes in all plugins).
Cool :). You are my first real user.
I'll try to reproduce and fix OutOfMemory. Could you please help me with scenario for this issue?

Regarding imports, my intention was to make plugin development easier. So that all active plugins classes are imported in current console.

But it looks like you are trying to use console in different way. You want it to work in the project's classpath, right?

I also use Groovy Console in project's classpath. I just add groovy-all-xxx.jar to the project's classpath, and create Run Configuration in Idea with "groovy.ui.Console" as main class. I think it is quite easy, so probably there is no need in special plugin. Could you please try this approach? If you think special plugin could handle it better, probably I could create one.
Good idea, but currently plugin is raw. First, it crashes with OutOfMemoryError on large projects. Second, as far as I understand, it must import project classpath, but I don't actually see that anything is imported. Third, console window should be integrated as tool window. For now, ancient BeanShell Box plugin is much more usable, though I'd prefer to use Groovy.
New version (0.1.1) available.
The main change - fixed weird problem with too slow script execution. Also script result now is displayed in the result panel, as expected.
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