IntelliJ Open Files Copier

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Used for copying all open files in IDEA to separate folder
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General usage instructions

After importing this plugin in IDEA, in Tools menu, a new menu item appears - \'Copy Open Files\'.

When clicked on it, it opens the attached dialog. Dialog opens all the opened files in IntelliJ. Through the dialog, we can copy the opened files to a separate folde. We can choose if we need to copy with the directory structure and to copy only source files (or) .class files also.

Through IntelliJ we could use Ctrl+Shift+C to copy the path and open the file. But I had to copy many files at one shot to send across. I just thought of creating a plugin to do the same. If someone needs the same, here it is.

Please let me know if something else to be added to it.


2010-04-24 13:27:58
Thanks for the info.

I just went through the plugin mentioned by you. Its great. The plugin that you have mentioned is a super set of this one..

We were not aware of that plugin and we wrote this new one.

Thanks a lot for the info :-)
2010-04-23 23:14:27

Did you know RemoteSynchronizer plugin ( ?

Because it already implements this behaviour (or maybe I did not quite understood your description).

Anyway, it's good to have choice :-)