AspectJ Support

Products: IntelliJ IDEA

Vendor: JetBrains

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Enables AspectJ support in IntelliJ IDEA.
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Version Compatible builds Date
0.7 95.521 — 96 13.12.2010 Download
0.5 95.390 — 96 13.07.2010 Download
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Recent change notes

0.7 - debugging support; more error highlighting
0.6.1 - compiler settings fixed
0.6 - interface implementation; implicit usages; better JPA integration; compiler reporting improved
0.5 - more error highlighting; Safe Delete; private member usages; file structure view; compiler improvements; compiler settings from pom.xml
0.4 - live templates; Surround With; Complete Statement; New Aspect; rename; formatting; compiler improvements and automatic weaving; project structure view
0.3 - Go To Symbol; Find Usages; refactoring support; completion; error highlighting
0.2 - ajc compiler support added
0.1 - initial release; supports fields and methods defined in .aj files