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An intention on @Grab annotations to download the needed dependencies

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Recent change notes

Fixed @Grab with Maven-based Groovy projects. There must be an Ivy dependency in the module classpath
Starting with IDEA X, this plugin is bundled together with the basic IDEA Groovy support plugin

Just add Ivy to your module dependencies
How do you add ivy to the module?
Which ivy plugin am i supposed to use?
It doesn't work with IDEA 10 version : 99.18

It a shame because it looks great.
Any chance of pulling down sources for dependencies where available ?
But know I get a "InvocationTargetException", which is caused by a "NoClassDefFoundError" on "org.objectweb.asm.Opcodes" when I try and run the intention.


I'm running Maia 95.54.
Don't know if I installed plugin correctly. I'm on a Mac, and unzipped it down in "/Applications/".

Anyways, I got an intention "Grab the artifacts", but when I execute it pops up with "UnsupportedClassVersionError" (0 dependencies downloaded). Hugh!?

Anyways, I already had the dependencies downloaded cause I had the script run with groovy on cmdline which grab'ed the dependencies.

What I really need is for IDEA to add what's on @Grab's to the module classpath, to avoid imports being red.

Any plan to add code completion for Grab value? If I input group name, then module and version should be popuped.
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