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PList File Support

Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking for PList files

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Recent change notes

Fixed issue where key and values would not allow \"key paths\" or numeric values, unless quoted.
1. Would be nice if it honored tab width settings.

2. The last element of an array should be allowed to have a comma after it, e.g. ("a","b",) .
Great work, thanks.

Is there any way to customize the colors of the syntax highlighting?
This plugin provides some basic support for plist file format that predates the new xml format.

It provides the following
- Syntax Highlighting
- Error detection
- Basic Formatting
- Brace & Parentheses Matching

Known Issues
Be aware that if you use the xml format and install this plugin the xml version will display as having errors. I don't currently have any plans to fix this. But if you would like to do so feel free!

Some unquoted values will currently display as errors, I intend to get this sorted out in the next release.
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