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Extended Code Sense

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Provides some platform code-sense functionality enhancements.

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Recent change notes

Version 1.3 changes

  • fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException in edu.jetbrains.completionWithLiveTemplates.LiveTemplatesCompletionProvider, line 284

Version 1.2 changes

  • fixed exception "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.intellij.codeInsight.template.CustomLiveTemplate.isApplicable(Lcom/intellij/psi/PsiFile;I)Z" that happened when running under IDEA 9.0.2 and earlier builds.

Version 1.1 changes

  • fixed arg-live-templates invocation in in-word mode.

Version 1.0 changes

  • fixed invocation of live templates with arguments.
  • fixed context dependency of the templates shown in the completion popup.
  • added options to control auto popup invocation in out-of-word context.
  • the tests now cover the main functionality.

Version 0.7 changes

  • revised the base logic of the auto-popup -- now the logic is more straight and psi-independent.
  • fixed bug: live templates not applicable to the context were shown (e.g. in comments)
  • the tests somewhat enhanced

Version 0.4 changes

  • Fixed auto-popup in Php array index expressions, like myArr[| .

Version 0.3 changes

  • Auto pop up now works after "[" (array length expression).
  • Auto popup feature extended for all languages, not only Php.

General usage instructions

* Suggested code completion pops up automatically after some timeout wherever an identifier is expected in your code.
* The code completion window shows matching \"Live Templates\" among other completion possibilities.

* Download the binary (extended-code-sense.jar)
* Locate the folder where your PhpStorm holds the user\'s plugins: see file /bin/idea.properties and find there property
\"idea.plugins.path\" (e.g. in my machine idea.plugins.path=${user.home}/.WebIde10/config/plugins).
* Copy the downloaded plugin .jar archive exactly into that folder (not into a subfolder).
* Restart your PhpStorm it is running.
* If the installation is successful, you should see the \"Extended Code Sense\" plugin in the list of installed plugins, and the plugin should be activated.

Building From Source
* Clone the GIT repository http://github.com/ivan-veselovsky/repka/tree/master/extended-code-sense/ .
* Open the checked out project in IDEA and build it using the menu command.
* Create the deployable archive using \"Prepare Plugin Module for Deployment\" menu.
lets crash the ide...
actual version of the plugin is not working with actual phpstorm, intellij, webstorm when i try to enter $ (dollarsign) i get this error com.intellij.codeInsight.AutoPopupController.invokeAutoPopupRunnable(Ljava/lang/Runnable;I)V
Thanks for this great plugin. I hope you can find a way to stop the space key from applying autocomplete as pgarcia describes.
Zen coding is unusable with this activated..
Found disappointing in usage with "::".

class test
public static function t() {}
//now try to print
test: - when you press ":", result will be
THANK YOU! Спасибо!
Without this plugin phpStorm looks weird near with other IDEs.
Great plugin!

One problem tough:
- When using this plugin, I have to press tab twice to trigger the zen coding.
This is a problem caused by the dialog that is displayed when no matches are found.
Already reported in youtrack: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/WI-2870
Anyway, it seems that they are not too concerned with that so it would be awesome if you guys could fix it too with the plugin.
The plugin is already suitable for IDEA. The description which mentions PhpStorm is a bit obsolete, but the site juts doesn't allow to update it. :)
Could you please extend this plugin to Intellij IDEA?

Thank you
Hi, Pepe,
yes, the completion variant is really applied with space, tab and Enter keys. This, in fact, the behaviour of the platform that is currently not controlled by the plugin: the plugin just invokes standard popup which behaves exactly in the same manner as the default one invoked with Ctrl+Space. Needs to be investigated if that possible to change these keys by the means of the plugin in case of auto-popped up completions, however, the implementation may be tricky.
First of all, I got to say thanks, this plugin rocks, and it's the reason why I switched to PhpStorm.

Feedback wise, so far my experience has been great, I've been instantly more productive. However, there is just one annoyance. I've noticed hitting the space key autocompletes the suggested item. Could this be turned off?

From testing, the following keys accept the autocomplete suggestion:

- Tab key
- Space key
- Enter key

Is it possible to remove the space key trigger? or make these available in the configuration as checkboxes?

Thanks again.
2Pepe Garcia:

>1) Set "auto activation delay, ms" to "1" that way the autocomplete feels snappy.
I'm not sure all the users need such "instant" auto-activation. Instant popup may be considered annoying. I intentionally made the activation delay to be a bit slower than the default activation delay (700ms vs. 500ms) to pop up if the user relly doesn't know what to type.
Actually we'll collect more user's feedback on this subject, and maybe we'll adjust the default setting if most of the users prefer that.

>2) PLEASE disable "Enable out-of-word complete auto activation."
This option is Off by default. If you uninstall the plugin completely (remove it, its configuration and its caches), and then install it again, this option will be 'false'. If this is not the case on your environment, this is a bug that needs to be investigated. Please provide more detail: the platform version, the installed plugin version, the installation sequence, etc. (I may suspect that 'true' setting might persist from a previous veriosn of the plugin.)
Completely broke PhpStorm 1.0.1

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