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Allows for access of your bugzilla tasks.
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General usage instructions:

Plugin is only compatible with Ultimate edition. Install plugin and restart. Under Tools -> Task -> Switch tasks, click on the PLUS button and select New bugzilla server. This opens a dialog (which isn\'t resizing properly, I know). Enter your credentials. You should be able to now search through your bug list when you click on \"switch tasks\".


2013-04-26 08:28:17
does not work in phpstorme 6, and possibly earlier versions, the icon buzilla no have
2012-11-07 01:43:07
the plugin has a small bug which i fixed which is how to handle url's it doesn't expect url'l with inner paths (for example ) and tries to fix it, i've modified it accordingly and not it works for me (however i'm not familar with git to share.)
2011-09-23 14:23:50
Does not work for me:

java.lang.Exception: Login failed for the specified username/password
at org.bugzilla.tasks.BugzillaTaskRepository.testConnection(
at com.intellij.tasks.impl.TaskManagerImpl$

Identical configuration works fine in Mylyn@Eclipse
2010-11-29 12:15:56
it's works with idea x, but the plugin doesn't provide autocomplete (not sure - probably problem on my side) and it's impossible to customize change list name/bug id