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Plugin for Scheme language support
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Recent change notes:

Schemely is an editing mode for Scheme code in IntelliJ 10. This code is currently unstable and only suitable for enthusiastic alpha/beta testers.


  • Basics (paren matching, indenting, syntax highlighting)
  • Symbol navigation/Rename/Find Usages
  • Supports SISC and Kawa
  • Interactive REPL with history, completion and syntax highlighting
  • Compilation
  • Structure view

Currently the code is undergoing some large changes, and lots of things don\'t work:

  • Kawa support is almost totally broken (in fact it\'s currently disabled)
  • Symbol resolution doesn\'t work across files
  • Symbol resolution (which affects navigation, rename and find usages) is currently broken in the face of macros
  • Structure view is almost totally broken

Fixing at least the first 2 of these is my top priority and hopefully won\'t take too long.

There is also a long list of planned features:

  • Finish running/compilation support
  • Proper support for modules
  • Customisable indentation
  • Cross-file symbol resolution (support import, load and friends)
  • Symbol resolution in the presence of macros (this is kind of hard)
  • Macro support (expand macro)
  • Extract function, extract variable, extract let binding
  • Paredit type support
  • Resolution of Java symbols for JVM-based Schemes
  • Racket support
  • Support for quirks of various implementations (case sensitivity etc)
  • Debugging support
  • Support for Android development with Kawa
  • Documentation


2011-10-29 01:02:18
Good to begin with - gives parenthesis matching. Need more syntactical help.