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Vendor: Esko Luontola



Allows using external code formatters, especially Eclipse's code formatter, as well as any command line code formatting tools, from within IntelliJ IDEA. Solves the problem of maintaining a common code style in team environments where both IDEA and Eclipse are used.
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Version Compatible builds Date
1.6.6 80.9000 + 10.04.2012 Download
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Recent change notes

1.6.6 (2012-04-09)
- Rebuilt with IDEA 11.1.1
- Work around "Document is locked by write PSI operations" error

1.6.5 (2012-02-08)
- Rebuilt with IDEA 114.55

1.6.4 (2012-01-28)
- Rebuilt with IDEA 11.0.2 RC

1.6.3 (2011-12-06)
- Rebuilt with IDEA 11.0

1.6.2 (2011-12-05)
- Rebuilt with IDEA 11.0 RC2

1.6.1 (2011-09-22)
- Rebuilt with IDEA 108.1333
- Yeah, screwed up the version number last time. Oh well.

1.6.0 (2011-07-05)
- Rebuilt with IDEA 10.5.1

1.0.5 (2011-05-25)
- Compatible with IDEA 10.5

- Remove code that does the reformat in the background -- seems t o cause problems when also doing import optimization as the optimization is done at the same time the background reformat happens

- Changed how the contents of the temp file are read in an attempt to fix the "can't undo" problems

1.0.5-SNAPSHOT (2011-04-04)
- Compatible with IDEA 106.330

1.0.4 (2009-11-04)
- Compatible with IDEA 9

1.0.3 (2009-06-23)
- Fixed Eclipse code formatter on non-Windows platforms

1.0.2 (2009-02-14)
- Compatible with IDEA 8

1.0.1 (2008-01-22)
- Fixed a file cache issue: When a file was reformatted more than once, the changes between the reformats were lost.

1.0.0 (2007-12-21)
- Minor refactorings

0.5.0 (2007-12-19)
- Support for Undo (Ctrl+Z)
- Help documentation for using a custom code formatter

0.4.0 (2007-12-14)
- Support for any code formatter which has a command line interface

0.3.0 (2007-12-12)
- Improved performance: Reformats all selected files by starting Eclipse only once

0.2.0 (2007-12-11)
- Added help documentation
- Added program icons
- Switched development platform to IDEA 7.0 and JDK 1.5 for maximum compatibility

0.1.0 (2007-12-05)
- Initial release

Known issues
- Does not support reformatting a selection within a file. Implementation of this feature is not planned, until there is a code formatting tool (executable on the command line) which supports reformatting a text range.


2011-11-21 16:34:02
my plugin is now avaible on this site
2011-11-15 11:34:06
i created a plugin to format code by Eclipse formatter directly from IntelliJ without slow executing eclipse via command line.

it can be downloaded from here:

currently for unknown reason it cannot be uploaded to this site.
2011-11-02 07:50:22
Doesn't seem to function properly on Ubuntu. In any case, having to spawn an external process is quite slow and cumbersome (even if I COULD get it to work in 10.5.1).
2011-06-16 09:43:59
Some of my files are not forrmatted. Idea simply hangs for a short period and nothing happens. While other files are formatted pretty good.
2011-06-08 10:50:25
Excellent tool, though version 1.0.5 starts a new eclipse instance for each file it formats.