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Remote call

Compatible with all products except MPS
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IntelliJ IDEA plugin for remote call some procedures. At the moment it can open the files on http GET-request to localhost:8091 with "message" parameter looking like "FileName.java:89" or "any/path/FileName.java:89". In this case plugin will try to find the most appropriate file basing on the specified path in opened projects and navigate to it. By default sending requests is permitted from localhost only. You can change it in Settings | Remote Call. Listening port also can be configured in Settings.

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I have a suggestion: Currently when clicking a Remote call link I get an empty page in addition to the IDE jumping to the submitted position. One has to use "open in new tab" or change back to the previous page. This problem could be avoided by sending a "204 No content" HTTP status code instead of the current "200 OK".
So sad it does not work on latest PHPStorm EAP (as of 2014-08)
Yea, i hope that this will be upgraded for phpstorm 8 I love this plugin
not working for phpstorm 8 EAP, can it be fixed please?
works perfectly in phpstorm 7, but not well with phpstorm eap 8, only working once and stop
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This is really great! With this plugin, I've created a tool called code marker enable you to link back from webpage you are debugging to your IDE code line. See the video demo at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVXFu9c4qAQ
This is a great plugin. Well done. I'm using it for printing hyperlinks to source code in the WebKit Dev Console logger. I'm also modifying the Ruby Evergreen project to hyperlink to Idea from Jasmine test runner stack traces. Lastly, I'd like to link back to Idea from jashkenas' Docco.
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Very useful stuff for developing external tools referencing lines of source code.
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