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PHPUnit code coverage

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Displays PHPUnit code coverage of file in the editor.

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Changelog: v0.5.0
  • Atoum support (thanks @jdecool)

General usage instructions

Configure clover.xml path in project settings. Run tests with PhpStorm test runner, using a phpunit.xml to generate clover report to given path.
why don't work in Android Studio 1.5
Nice plugin! Is there a way to change the background colors? With the dark theme in PHPStorm, the text is hardly readable.
Very useful plugin. The only issue I am seeing now are colors. It should respect PHPStorm's code coverage colors instead of using hardcodeded, bright ones. It burns my eyes (especially I am using darh theme)
I am also having preolbms with this. Ive installed it on a very different blogs I have all with different hosts, domain names, etc. Same problem on all of them. Im using the latest version of wordpress and I install it and then go to enter my polldaddy user name and password and it just basically loads and then the entries become blank and it does not accept them. Does anyone have a solution to this?
The plugin works great. However it only seems to apply background colors if the coverage file is updated. If you close and reopen the file the coverage display is gone. Ideally there should be a toggle button / menu item / shortcut key that will switch on/off the coloring.
Sorry, plugin works, coverage.xml have wrong pathes.

Didn't works with PhpStorm 3.
Is there any way to turn off or toggle the highlighting? A toolbar button to toggle the display would be nice.

It would be nice if it highlighted the lines if files as you open them in the editor, even if they were not open before.

I like it so far. Nice work.
I have project on SMB share on *nix system mapped to Windows volume. I run phpunit on *nix server via SSH console and want to see results of code coverage in PHPStorm on my Windows machine.
How can I do it?
I.e. path for the file on *nix is /usr/local/www/project/lib/Class.php
This path is translated into Z:\project\lib\Class.php in Windows.
In clover.xml /usr/local/www/project/lib/Class.php path appears.
nice, simple, straightforward :)
Is nice!
You can set up phpunit to generate unit test coverege data to an xml (see http://www.phpunit.de/manual/current/en/appendixes.configuration.html), and the plugin can display the coverage in the editor.
How does it work? What is clover.xml?
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