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Displays revisions that 'contributed' via copy or merge to the project's selected file or directory under Subversion control, in the form of a revision graph.

Configuration option is available to include information about related paths from all current branches and tags to the graph (assuming standard directory layout is used for modules in Subversion)

Based on Shawn Castrianni's VcsRevisionGraph plugin.

Please submit bug reports and feature requests to plugin's issue tracker.

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Recent change notes:

Version for IDEA 14 has been released. New in this version: * Darcula color scheme * Revision graph is available during project indexing

General usage instructions:

To display revision graph for selected file or directory, pick 'Revision Graph' item from Subversion submenu. Operations on selected revision are available either via toolbar buttons or via right-click context menu. Revision can be selected using both mouse and keyboard (arrow keys). To view the diff between two revisions, select them both using Ctrl-click first. Double-click on the link between two revisions will open the diff window for those revisions. To show the set of revisions that were merged, point the mouse to the corresponding merge link.


2014-06-26 18:21:23
It is really useful to have a graphical representation of the branching history. If you use branches you'll need this tool to manage them.