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Compatible with all products except MPS
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QuickJump allows you to quickly navigate the cursor to any position visible in the editor. Simply hit "ctrl+;" then start typing. Once options appear, hit Enter or the number key corresponding to the position where you want the cursor to move.
ctrl+; Jump Only
ctrl+shift+; Jump and Select
ctrl+alt+; Jump and Autocomplete

When Selecting Enter or #
ctrl+# New line after
ctrl+shift+# New line before
alt+# Space after
ctrl+alt+# Space Before

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Recent change notes

Fixing bug introduced with latest Intellij v11 eap
Favoring results on the same line over closer results on other lines.
Added ctrl+shift+alt+; to "Select from Caret". Hitting alt while selecting selects the space after your selection.
Added jump modifiers. Add line above/below and and space before/after
Minor optimizations and minor bug fixes for edges cases
Support for Intellij 11 EAP, Webstorm 3 EAP, etc (108.XXX). Special characters now invoke quickjump on the first keystroke.
Adding a ctrl+alt+; which automatically opens code completion
Added camelCase searching. Also, ctrl+shift+; start a quick jump that will select the entire word when you make your target selection
Fixed minor bug where if you already had text selected, it didn't deselect before jumping.
You can now expand your search with ctrl+Enter. Adjusting popup sizes.
Initial Release

General usage instructions

ctrl+; Jump Only
ctrl+shift+; Jump and Select
ctrl+alt+; Jump and Autocomplete

Type at least 2 characters
Hit Enter or the number where you want to jump

When Selecting Enter or #
ctrl+# New line after Jump
ctrl+shift+# New line before Jump
alt+# Space after Jump
ctrl+alt+# Space Before Jump

Doesn't work with IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.1 :(
ctrl+enter doesn't expand the selection on webstorm 8
Is it any difference between this one and Ace Jump?
would this be good for the latest veorsn google chrome that has problems clickin a link to a game room n it popin up off pogo.com n simply help me get any of all links to click n actually open like firefox n ie is btw i uninstalled n reinstalled all veorsns of chrome in vista was workin fine for yrs of no pc viruese or shall i try another source?
modification proposal for the selection option: place the caret at the end of the selection, and not the begining. I can control where to begin in the first place :) Great plugin!
Nice one, but needs some UI work on Mac (search text field is cutoff, hardcoded font & size?)
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