Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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TDD as if you meant it

Slide effortlessly between...

  • java tests (unit, integration, acceptance)
  • Concordion tests (HTML specification and fixture)
  • test subjects

Encourages expressive test method names by displaying the test names next to your production classes

Write and move between your tests quicker than ever and without breaking Red/Green/Refactor flow

Instructions for use: Alt-T

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Recent change notes

Updated to work with IntelliJ 14.1

Virtually undocumented. Seems to only work with JUnit.
It's simple in that it basically just helps you flick between test and implementation code, but I find it difficult to work without it now. Still don't know what "meta-T" means. I also wish you could type in sentences and have it generated a test for you.
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