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Compatible with  IntelliJ IDEA
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IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for JBehave

The plugin provides the following features:

  • Basic syntax highlighting for JBehave story files
  • Jump to step definition in Java or Groovy
  • Error Highlighting in story if step was not defined
  • Create new story files from a configurable story template
  • Comment/uncomment lines in story files
  • Code inspections to report unused steps definitions and undefined step usages
  • Run *.story files

Download plugin

Recent change notes

  • Support for IntelliJ IDEA 11.x
  • Code inspection to report undefined steps
  • Support for table parameters
  • Various bug fixes

General usage instructions

See https://github.com/kumaraman21/IntelliJBehave/wiki
Hello team, I spent almost two days learning about Intellij Idea, JFlex, Grammar-Kit and it looks all very interesting. I would like to contribute to the project to bring it up to date with jBehave syntax at least. Do you have any documentation related to the plugin development? Are some Java classes generated using Grammar-Kit? Any help will be really useful in order to prepare the dev environment to work on this project. Many thanks
InteliJ performance is poor when install this plugin
I'm writing my stories in one project using annotations defined in DSLs in another project. All the annotations are not recognized. How can i make the plugin recognize that the annotations are declared ? tnx
Support for intellij 12.x is highly appreciated!
Support for IntelliJ 12.x needed
doesn't work for me!
very nice plugin, but I miss support for "step completion" in story editor, which would make it much more enjoyable.
would be great to have this in place very soon. thx. :-)
With this plugin We can comment lines in the story file but while running the story(which has commented lines) those lines are also getting exceuted.
I have something like this in my story:
Given User navigates to "Some" RHP
!--Given User selects "Action" subtab

When i run this story using IntellijIdea(11.0.2) in Firefox 10.0.2 i get this:
Given User navigates to "Some" RHP
!--Given User selects "Action" subtab (FAILED)
(java.lang.AssertionError: Element with locator //div[@class='UIAccordion_default_container']//a[text()= 'Some" RHP
!--Given User selects "Action'] not found! Waited 10 seconds)

I don't want to run the commented lines but as you can see those lines are also getting exceuted.
Please reply to this.
The Plugin is really very helpful,i gives a clear view of the story,helps in navigating to the java code, comment some steps.
Hi Aman. I'm using Intellij Idea 11. How to tell the plugin what story file is linked to what java/groovy file. Now it shows me that all the steps have no definitions?
Awesome plugin - Makes developing with JBehave much easier.
Amazing, makes my life so much easier. Thanks Aman!
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