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R coding tools for Intellij IDEA

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Recent change notes

Changes in v0.10:
  • Improved Intellij v15 compatibility
Changes in v0.9:
  • Fixed PyCharm Support
  • (Experimental) Reformatter
  • Parser improvements
Changes in v0.9:
  • Added R color setting page
  • Named vector support
  • Support for more magrittr operators
  • Added live-templates for dplyr
  • Improved send to R/terminal
Changes in v0.8.4:
  • Added iTerm support for HongKee
Changes in v0.8.3:
  • Added support for pipe operator from magrittr package
Changes in v0.8.2:
  • Changed plugin definition to support also other Jetbrains products like PhpStorm, PyCharm, etc.
Changes in v0.8.1:
  • Improved compatibility to Intellij IDEA 13
Changes in v0.8.2:
  • Added support for more operators (like %+% or <<-
Changes in v0.8:
  • Added option to keep focus in editor after submitting code to R
Changes in v0.7:
  • Dramatically improved parser performance
  • Code evaluation bugfixes (macos)
Changes in v0.6:
  • Highlight usages of functions and variables in file
  • Advanced navigation (structure view, go to declaration)
  • Code section folding
  • Code evaluation connectors for Windows (Rgui) and MacOS (R, R64 and Terminal)
  • Customizable code evaluation snippets
  • Auto-import of functions
  • Simple function help
Changes in v0.5:
  • New shortcut action to call str() for the current word or selection (MacOS only)
  • Function body folding
  • More robust lexer
  • Finished (my first) parser --> allows for growing selection using "Select for word at caret" action
  • bug fixes
Changes in v0.4:
  • Basic code completion
  • Better shortcuts for code evaluation (MacOS only)
Changes in version 0.3:
  • Evaluate selection of current line in R (MacOS only)
  • Improved code highlighting
  • Added first live-templates
Changes in version 0.2: Initial release of the plugin. :-)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Comment code blocks with usual shortcut ⌘/
  • Register .R as file type
Thanks a lot for the plugin, good job!
I'm the author of it. So I love it by definition. ;-)
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