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Products: IntelliJ IDEA

Vendor: Debabrata Dash

Email: dash at devbrat dot com

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Perforce Integration Using VCS API
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0.9.5b. 40.2008. 40.3075. Download 243.42 2004-10-23 05:12:18 details
0.9.3. . 40.3075. Download 265.38 2004-06-30 23:08:17 details
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Recent change notes:

  • Fixed path wildcard incompatibility with Perforce server version 2004.2 and later. [RobK]
  • Fixed the caching problem with vcs, so the status commands are much faster now. [Jason]
  • Improved the revision history performance by getting all the information in one call [Jason]
  • Not querying perforce for non-project files.[Dash]
  • Removing redundant fstat calls after changes to the file.[Dash]
  • fixed the exception associated with log window closing [Dash]


2014-12-02 17:52:07
This plug no longer seems to work with Android studio - really wish perforce was marked as obsolete everywhere ....