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Shortcut Translator

Compatible with all products except MPS
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Translates shortcuts from one keymap to another. Let's say you want to try this Jetbrains IDE you heard about, but you are used to the Eclipse / TextMate / Emacs / Netbeans shortcuts. Sure, you can easily change your keymap in IDEA / RubyMine / PyCharm ... But you want to learn the default Intellij shortcuts, just like you learned the TextMate shortcuts in TextMate and the Eclipse shortcuts in Eclipse. This plugin together with the ctrl+shift+a shortcut wil get you up to speed in no time. press Ctrl+Shift+K to activate the plugin or select "Translate Shortcut" from the help menu

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Recent change notes

version 1.0.1

  • Added button to swap source and destination keymaps (Mark T. Kennedy)

version 1.0

  • Made the plugin available for multiple JetBrains IDEs

version 0.6

  • The plugin remembers which keymaps were selected
  • More information is given about the action the shortcut performs
  • Fixed minor layout issues

version 0.5

  • Initial release

General usage instructions

press Ctrl+Shift+K or select \"Translate Shortcut\" from the help menu
I can't agree more with the other comments, Great addition to an already great IDE! Thank you is in place!
Very nice plugin in combination with the magical ctrl + shift + a shortcut!
This tiny plugin is a huge help for Eclipse adepts learning to get around in the IntelliJ environment.
This thing is vital to anyone who\'s trying to make the switch from eclipse to intelliJ. As an avid eclipse IDE user, I know all (let\'s say most of \'em) shortcuts by heart, and this plugin makes it so much easier to quickly lookup the intelliJ alternative.

Great succes!
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