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Handlebars and Mustache template support
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0.8_Leda. 128.18. 130. Download 167.44 2013-11-02 22:08:16 details
0.8. 110. 128.18. Download 166.87 2013-11-02 22:04:42 details
131.385. 131. 132. Download 71.35 2013-11-02 18:10:11 details
0.7_Leda. 128.18. . Download 168.97 2013-04-07 22:42:11 details
0.1.1 (backport). 107. 108. Download 36.17 2012-05-10 03:40:02 details
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2014-01-07 21:55:35
Here's how I just installed the plugin into PHP Storm 7.0 on Mac: PHPStorm [Menu Bar] -> Preferences -> Plugins [under IDE Settings] -> Browse Repositories -> Search for "mustache" [Upper-right corner] -> Double click on "Handlebars/Mustache" plugin -> Choose to download and install -> Restart PHP Storm.
2013-11-25 13:11:32
I've just installed Handlebars/Mustache plugin in PhpStorm 7.0 (131.374). You didn't find the plugin in the repository. Or there was a problem during installation of the plugin?
2013-11-25 06:46:20
Cannot install on *PhpStorm* 7. Mustache/Handlebars is not a default option in PhpStorm 7.
2013-11-20 03:38:41
The plugin cannot be installed in WebStorm 7 because it comes pre-installed in that product. Simply ensure that the "Handlebars/Mustache" entry is checked on the Preferences->Plugins page.
2013-11-19 10:42:22
Cannot install on PhpStorm 7.
2013-07-10 18:49:40
Thanks Blaise. I see you found the Github issue for this which is great: You can also upvote this on YouTrack at, and it's probably worth following the work on allowing template language injection since that may give you another way to embed templates without custom delimiters in your Django files:
2013-07-10 12:01:53
Feature request: We would like to be able to configure the Mustache tags. The tags are a configurable setting in Mustache, but not in this plugin. In our project, we changed the tags to [[ and ]], instead of the default {{ and }}, to prevent collisions with Django template tags.
2013-01-09 06:11:02
If anyone has a problem similar to eysikal's, check out our solution here:
2013-01-08 23:26:37
Hi dmarcotte, Thanks for your plugin. I have used it in the past and it's been great, but can't seem to get it running this time on a fresh install of Mac OSX Lion and PHPStorm. I have the plugin installed but still I get no syntax highlighting or recognition of .mustache files in PHPStorm. I installed the handlebars/mustache plugin from within PHPStorm using Preferences -> IDE Settings -> Plugins -> Browse Repositories. I am running: PHPStorm version v.5.0.4 Handlebars/Mustache v.0.4
2012-12-01 20:51:37
Hey flancer, The plugin is definitely compatible with PhpStorm 4 and 5, except for the "0.3 (Leda)" version, which is only compatible with Intellij IDEA 12. Did you by any chance grab that version from this page? The best way to install the plugin (and get automatic updates) is install it within PhpStorm rather than download versions here. Go to "Settings->Plugins" and choose "Browse repositories..." and install the plugin from there. Let me know if that doesn't fix you up. I want to get you up and running!
2012-12-01 14:18:01
Hello, does this plugin computible with PhpStorm? I have unsuccessfully tried to install it on PhpStorm 5.0.4 & PhpStorm 4.0.3 :( This plugin is red (disabled) after installation.